FRIED FRÈRES PARIS L’ATELIER Fashion jewellery “à la carte”

“We design and Manufacture Fashion Jewellery for clients worldwide”

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We offer services from OEM to global design and manufacture of fashion jewellery and semi finished fashion accessories.

After 133 years of experience in providing the word of the Haute-Couture Maisons, we offer our savoir-faire to clients worldwide,

covering their needs after a personalised study of each client. 

· Comprehensive and skilled service

· From design to manufacture with delivery to your premises.

· We transform your idea into a tangible, desirable product. 

· We are born from the fusion of the departments of Product of Fried Frères and Fried Paris to offer a turnkey Premium service.

We have design departments in Paris/Barcelona. 

Our Production is European only.


Work process:


We have a first meeting where you propose and we listen. 

We exchange opinions and give you technical  solutions and ideas useful to your proposal. We end up with a clear briefing of what you are looking for.


We go beyond paper to make a first model following the idea. We design in 2D, 3D or directly with the materials.  Magic begins!


Searching for your satisfaction, we make as many prototypes as you need  until we get your full approval of the look, feel and price you are looking for.


After your full approval and a delivery date fixed, we start manufacturing in our workshops in Czech Republic. We offer double quality control, one in Czech Republic and one in Paris


From our logistic platform in Paris we deliver all over the world. candado

We have Privacy Contracts with all our clients  in the atelier jewellery serviceFF laureado

 All our procedures and materials are selected to be environmentally friendly