Our history


We are in Vienna in 1886. Gustave and Otto Fried are twenty years old; they are passionate about ‘Parisian fashion’; and the amazing creativity of the Bohemian glassmakers. That’s when they decided to settle in Paris, rue du Caire, and to create the most beautiful work of Bohemian art

Henceforth they were devoted entirely to the promotion of pearl and rhinestones, They provided to Designers, Embroiderers, the Glove makers, Milliners too … Need I remind you that at that time,’ Ready to Wear’ did not exist as today.

There were a multitude of tailors and seamstresses that women entrusted the task of creating their dream clothing



PHOTO 1905 – Fried Frères’ team in front of the shop “Rue du Caire” in Paris. Still the same address today!

1914 – came the making of beaded flowers, with the opening of a workshop Bergerac “Locality” Maillebois.

1918 – the Fried Frères opened their subsidiary in Gablonz where they played a dominant role in the creation and distribution of Bohemian beads. Their main customers were in London, New York and Paris. At that time their sons Lucien, Jean and Pierre joined them. Under their influence began the creation of costume jewelry and the manufacture of blown and beads … their first customers were the Parisian department stores and fashion designers.

1925 – started the craze of embroidered dresses. Fried Frères provided impressive quantities of pearls, rhinestones, sequins and studs to fashion designers. Lucien was dedicated to the creation and research of new products for haute couture; a pearl dyeing workshop and buttons opened; John ran the beaded flowers factory of Bergerac and the sale of crystal for lights. That’s when the Fried Frères opened its bead store in the heart of London at Princess Street… where all the Londoners found the jumble Parisian Bohemian sequins and beads.



The company continues to thrive and grow. The product range expands to beads, wooden buttons, pearl, galalite and the business scope is expanding. The materials used are Plexiglas and nylon, polystyrene, ambrolite and new materials from around the world.

50’s and 60’s –Fried Frères invented new shapes and launched new crystal iridescent beads. Customers loved them. The Frères signed a contract with a large New York department store and provided them with beaded flowers & home decor for 10 years.

Fried Frères created a collection of giant sequins jewelry for a young talented fashion designer who became famous through his metal dresses and perfumes.

70’s and 80′- Fried Frères create new pearl jewelry collections and hair ornaments to meet strong demands from new designers and renowned Parisian hairdressers.

90’s – Development of original creations designed for the professionals and the public.


Start kits

1925 – Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris, Fried Frères received the 1st prize for ” Fashion fantasy ”

1928 – Exhibition of Athens, gold.

1929 – Cairo, – French Exhibition…Fried Frères graduated with honor.

1984 – Exhibition “France has talent” Galeries Lafayette.

1986 – “ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF FASHION” Fried Frères celebrates its centenary: Gérard Bertrand Fried received the medal of the city of Paris …given by Mr. Jacques Chirac, mayor of Paris.

1986 – “ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF FASHION” Fried Brothers celebrates its centenary: Gérard Bertrand Fried received the medal of the city of Paris …given by Mr. Jacques Chirac , mayor of Paris.



To mark the new millennium…Fried Frères include in their shop, a small museum of the seed bead in various uses since the 18th century (collection of Lucien Fried).


Fried Frères is a team that brings together the talents of fifty people involved in the creation and search of new products to meet the demands of innumerable customers in the world.